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I am a computer scientist who has worn many hats. I have designed, developed, and maintained web sites and servers. I have worked in the hardware, software, and networking support fields. I have taught classes on using office software, searching the web, creating web pages, using digitial cameras and scanners, and guest lectured in x86 Assembly language courses. I have even designed and built computers for customers; but, my first love in this field is programming.

Mailer is an open source program developed and maintained by me for processing HTML forms and e-mailing the contents to be processed. I have also written several other programs that may be of general interest, and that I hope to post shortly. Many of the programs that I have written have been of very limited interest (utilities to automate processes that I frequently perform), outdated (made to run under DOS), or are owned by former employers. I am however, in the process of developing several new programs, so check the programs page often.

My interests range from playing tennis and riding motorcycles to reading, playing video games, and watching movies with many stops in between. Mainly, though, a humor site that is updated frequently can keep me busy for hours.

You may contact me about this site at my contact page.

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