How to keep your computer productive

Does your computer stay on 24/7? Are you using it during this entire period? If not, then why not put it to good use?

There is a project called BOINC that allows your computer to take part in several scientific projects while you are not using it. For instance, your computer can look for cures for protein based diseases, scour the cosmos for extraterrestrial life, create artwork, help to predict the weather, and much, much, more.

First, you will need to download and install BOINC; clients exist for numerouse platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. After installing BOINC, you will need to choose which project or projects you wish to donate computing power to. A list of several projects can be found at the University of California at Berkeley's site. Signing up for projects is a simple process and there are instructions on the sites for each of them.

Who knows, your computer could help to find a cure or prevention for a life threatening illness.

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Last edited: 2017-09-18