Privacy Policy

Information is never sold (or given) to third parties.

What is collected

  1. Standard logging information collected by all web servers. Such information includes your ip address, what page you visited, what time you visited the page, and what browser and operating system you used. This information is used for statistical analysis (i.e. what parts of the site the bulk of our visitors are frequenting) and is useless for identifying visitors even if we wanted to as many people's IP addresses change frequently.
  2. 3rd party advertisements. Advertisements such as the ones provided by Google's AdSense program may gather information about your interactions with this site in order to help provide more pertinent offers to you.
  3. Cookies and Web Beacons. Cookies are not implemented on this site currently, but may be in the future to provide site customization options (i.e. high-contrast colors for visually impaired users).

If you have any concerns regarding your privacy either on this site, or on others, you may disable cookies in your browser. Turning off all cookies may interfere with functionality on some sites though.

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Privacy Policy

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Last edited: 2017-09-18