Deities and other mythological characters

Below you will find a list of the lesser known deities and creatures from mythology. Keep in mind that this list is not extensive, and I am sure that there are others out there that even I have not heard of.

Name Parodied God(dess) God(dess) of
Afrodite Aphrodite The god of big hair.
Appalledo Apollo The god who is shocked and offended by everything. Not the god to invite to parties.
Atlast Atlas The very impatient god. Do not take him on long boat trips.
Buries Ares Real friends help you move the bodies.
Djuno Juno The goddess that won't stop asking questions. "Djuno why the sky is blue?"
Hermaphrodite Aphrodite The god/goddess (no one is quite sure) of gender ambiguity.
Herpes Hermes The god of incurable diseases who likes to go swimming, canoeing, biking, hiking, and walking on the beach. Or it least his PR department makes you think so.
Oki and Doki Loki The very agreable twin gods.
Puce Zeus The god of fashion and interior design. "Oh Hermaphrodite, the sofa would look much better over there."
Smoky Loki The god of burning objects. Another god not to invite to parties (except possibly cook-outs).
Snidra Hydra A multi-headed beast from whose mouths spew forth spiteful remarks.
Stupid Cupid The demi-god of, um, what was the question?
Tobacchus Bacchus The god of good cigars. Smoke'em if you got'em.
Youranus Uranus The god of proctology.

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