How to Submit Your Website to Google

The first thing that you need to do is setup finish your site. This does not mean that you can never add more content, change the look, or fix typos later; by this I just mean, do not have "coming soon", "under construction", dead links, etc. all over your site. Google, and for that matter, most search engines despise sites that do this and these sites have low rankings if they get ranked at all

Now that your site is completed, make sure that you have an RSS or ATOM feed. This allows people to quickly view content from your site without having to go to your site every time in order to check for changes. See my article on how to create an RSS feed for more information. If you are concerned about people viewing all of your content in an RSS reader instead of visiting your site, just provide the first paragraph of your new articles in the feed with a link to the full content.

After setting up yourpoint your web browser to and choose "Submit your content to Google. Click on the "Add your URL to Google's Index" link and type your URL and comments into the appropriate text boxes. You will have to fill out a text box with psuedo-random text from an image to ensure that you are not a bot trying to add 1,000 spammers'/phishers'/etc. sites at once. Finally, click on the Add URL button and your are finished.

Google also has a lot of free tools for webmasters including listing your site's rankings, which searches are reaching your site, etc. You may also add your rss feeds and site maps using Google's webmaster tools.

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Last edited: 2017-09-18