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Velcome! I am zee Spampyre.

Vut? You say you have never heard of zee Spampyre?! Vell, let me eentroduce myself.

I vas vunce a mere piece of tinned luncheon meat until vun day I vas attacked by a wampyre named Spatula.

Zee next thing zat I remember vas vaking up in zee dumpster vith green mold on my head like a vidow's peak ov hair.

Vi am I here you ask? It's simple really, I feed on e-mail. E-mail me in the form below or send mail (or forward any unique spam you recieve) to

Vyou may read my rezponzes to vut otherz have zent me by clicking on zee linkz in zee left panel.

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#53 -- Mendieta
#52 -- Harpreet
#51 -- Nannan
#50 -- ´╗┐bryce
#49 -- ´╗┐lechat
#48 -- Antonia
#47 -- Jenakim

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